Bling Paddle Hair Brush

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  • BLING BLING BLING!!! – The ultimate in ‘shiny’ style! Each of our 489 top quality crystals are 100% recycled and ‘hand placed’. We give each and everyone of our brushes the personal touch making sure you get the very best quality
  • LUXURY TITANUIM COATED PINS – Each pin is made with Titanium and coated in a NANO Chrome that is Unique in every way. This brush is versatile for all hair types. The pins are designed to get through the toughest of hair including weaves, wigs and hair extensions. Titanium/Nano pins help massage your scalp leaving your hair super shiny and knot free!
  • MANY FASHIONABLE APPLICATIONS – Multi-purpose you can use it for blow drying, detangling, brushing, wigs, weaves, perfect for thin to ultra thick hair… Extra wide pin cushion is 5" by 3" to cover a lot of hair on a single glide, Nano infused cushion to help keep hair clean and free of bacteria.