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Clear Basic Blossom Moisturizing Hemp Conditioner

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A special blend of Hemp extract and Hemp proteins in addition to natural ingredients to strengthen, moisturize, and restore your dry, damaged hair. Organic Pure Oil’s specially formulated, sulfate-free Hemp hydrating shampoo and conditioner is made for all hair types to strengthen your hair. Our shampoo also contains real hemp seed oil! Hemp seed oil contains high levels of antioxidants that promote moisturized hair, reduces frizz, and give hair a healthy shine. Hemp seed oil restores your hair conditions and help soften coarse hair. Our hemp hydrating shampoo and conditioner targets dry ends to restore your hair health.

Formulated with NO SULFATES, NO PARABENS, and NO MINERALS. CRUELTY FREE! Our products are never tested on animals Made with care in the USA to suit all hair types – curly hair, bleached hair, color treated hair, thin hair, damaged hair, straight hair, thick hair.